Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garden is Starting to Bloom

My favorite daffodils are finished blooming as are the few tulips I've found. I took this photo last weekend after it rained overnight. I like the way the drops held onto the edge of the drooping petal.

The wisteria covers the porch at the far end of the house. It looks so gorgeous, especially now that I have pulled most of the poison ivy out of it. We have to wait until the bees are finished to retrieve the badminton birdie lost up there.

The azaleas are looking pretty. The white flowers in the foreground are on a small tree which a customer told me is a "Snowball". The flower "balls" are clusters of flowers like a hydrangea.

I think this one is called a "Flame Azalea". It is right outside of Allison's window.


  1. so pretty! And I loved claiming your space!

  2. oh your flowers look so pretty, I wonder if the snowball is oakleaf hydrangea? I miss my wisteria seeing your, just lovely.

  3. The snowball is a type of viburnum. We had them around our patio when I was growing up.

    Looks great, Kari. Your hard work is showing.