Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trans-America Trail Update

Leg One of the trip was from our house to Jay's folks' house in TN. They loaded the bike in the back of Don's truck and headed for OK. They met up with Bruce around noon Sunday and started on their way. I joked with my MIL that it was every mother's dream to leave their kid by the side of a dirt road and drive off. She said they did stop the truck and take the time to say goodbye.

They set up camp Sunday night at the north end of Oologah Lake, OK.

Monday night, the guys made it to Alabaster Caverns State Park, OK. Jay ended up spending 2 hours in the campground bathroom due to a tornado warning in the county.

New Mexico State Line

By Tuesday, they blew through the OK panhandle, cut the corner of NM and made it to Trinidad, CO for the night. Lots sand in OK, and NM was "most amazing". Jay blew a fuse, didn't have a replacement, and had to bump start for half the day until they found a town. He called me at 1 am eastern and talked to me for half an hour. Even though he was exhausted (and a bit drunk), I could hear the exhiliration in his voice.

Colorado, Day 4

Wednesday was a short day. They got off the road a little after noon mountain time and camped in Lathrop State Park. The cell signal was good, so the kids and I got to talk with Jay for a while.

From here on out, it will be a toss of the dice if he'll be able to call when they stop for the day. He'll send text messages along the way to our home email. I send a text every time I go into town (no cell signal at the house). Allison is getting practice as I drive her to school. I bought a new Tracfone with a camera so I can send photos, but haven't figured out how to activate it yet.

Ben really misses his Dad, but he's got a sleepover with a friend this weekend to help distract him. I'm not making any new work until after the Studio Tour, so I'll have more time for the kids. Jay's only been gone a week. We have 3 to go.

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