Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Bisque in the Evenheat Oval

I test fired this kiln earlier this spring, but hadn't loaded up a bisque until today. I can't find the 24" half-rounds that I need anywhere, even online, so I'm making due with my 21" halves and staggering my 21" full shelves in the middle. I know it's not very efficient. I've got a lot of dead space. But this kiln is huge. I can't believe how much work I can fit inside!

It's the most cockamamie arrangement I've ever loaded, but I can fit two large baskets in. Hopefully these will be in the Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story exhibit in October. I'm happy to get them into the bisque without incident. I can be a bit of a bull in my own china shop sometimes.

The bottom of the kiln and where the 2 full rounds overlap. Clever, eh?

I've got 2 baskets that won't fit on a 21" shelf. Stupid question: Can I use my ultra-heavy gas kiln shelves in the electric kiln?


  1. that's a nice kiln; Skutt makes several oval kilns and half shelves; maybe one of their's will work.