Thursday, May 13, 2010

It Shouldn't Be This Complicated

A couple of weeks ago, I spent an inordinate amount of time scheduling my studio time, juggling both cone 10 and cone 6 work. I had worked everything out to the last day I could work wet in cone 10 to the day when I would fire the cone 6 glaze load. All of this jockeying was so that I'd have plenty of work in time for the TRAC Studio Tour.

One week of nursing sick children can really throw me off of my game.

fever at 3 pm Thursday
Early this morning, getting back into bed after 3 am "Mommy" duty, I realized that the only cone 10 work I have finished are the 3 large baskets above. The cone 10 work I would have made this week and next would never have been enough to fill the glaze kiln anyway. I have plenty of cone 6 work, much of ready to be bisqued.

So I decided to stop berating myself for not getting it all done. Without having to worry about glaze firing two loads, I can relax and enjoy the next week and a half with Jay before he leaves on his month-long motorcycle trip. He still hasn't come up with a blog title. Any ideas?

I'm not sure why I felt that I needed to have both sets of work going. I guess I wanted to have pieces in all of my favorite glazes some of which are cone 6 and some are cone 10. I suppose the touring masses will have to do without my wine bottle coasters in black, speckled white and shino.

Two large cone 6 baskets

Perhaps at some point in the future, I will narrow my glazes down and simplify my studio life. But I'm not quite ready to do that just yet.

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