Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Have a Plan

After a week, I finally have come to the realization that I must have sprained 2 fingers on my left hand sledding last week. They are slightly swollen and painful. It doesn't help that I keep going about my usual business around the house. I even crept into the studio and wedged some clay.
I was nearly euphoric to smell the clay on my hands. I am dying to get back to work, but I have to accept the fact that January and February are just not conducive to studio work. It didn't work out last year either. My kids are certainly old enough to take care of themselves but eventually will resort to arguing, yelling and tattling.

Tomorrow makes snow day #10 for us in Yancey County NC. I have lost count of the 2 hour delays and early dismissals. The kids are completely out of their routine. The knowledge is seeping out of their pores with every waking hour. And this last round of winter weather is miserably cold and windy, so they can't even spend any time outdoors.
Today, I pulled out the slides from when my Mom and Grandparents lived in Alaska in the 50's. We found the slides titled "Big Snow 12/29/55". I think my hometown of Washington DC has more snow now. But, man, my Papa could shovel an orderly path. Gotta love those military guys.

So tomorrow we will start the day with some mandatory Dance Dance Revolution. Then we're moving on to reading hour (more for Allison since we can't make her stop reading once she's started). Then Allison wants to sew, while Ben wants to cook something. Isn't this sort of like homeschooling?


  1. You make a very interesting point there, even if the question is rhetorical. I still vote that you try it for a year. I think you would find your pace, and you would all love it. And if this is the second year with this many days/hours missed, is there any reason to think future years will be much different? Wish I was closer to talk about it over a cup of coffee...or maybe I'm just trying to live vicariously through you? Yeah, that's probably it. :)

  2. great shot of the buddha, this sure has been a cold winter even as far south as we are right now.

  3. I am going to tear myself apart if we don't get a break from this cold soon! I loved your sledding post, I have done a bunch of sledding up near Yancy County, similar aches and pains from it too!

  4. ouch! on all accounts- I remember months like this when we were raising ours.
    They wanted to be back in school so badly and we wanted that for them to.
    What's Ben cooking?
    My son cooked with me from the time he could walk- he is one great cook now.
    Spring will come!