Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Getting Crowded in Here

It seems like the kiln room is the dumping ground for everything. Jay moved his motorcycle in to make room in the garage for lumber, etc for the basement remodel. The trash and recycling is piling up, since we can't get the truck up the driveway to haul it away. And a couple of months ago, my college studio-mate Brenda brought her "coffin" kiln, an Evenheat her brother found for her which had been wired to basically bypass all the switches. A WTF kiln to go with my WTF house.
Jay properly rewired the kiln last weekend, and it's ready for testing. I'm guessing Jay wants his bike out of the kiln room as well as the big plastic tub of kids' toys before I fire it up. When I bought my first used electric kiln, I just plugged it in, filled it with greenware and fired a bisque load. This time, I have no bisqueware so I guess I'll load it with a few empty shelves and a couple of cone packs so I can keep an eye on its progress.

You see, Bren is moving to Michigan next week and is taking the Runt with her. Yup, that's it, next to the motorcycle, hiding behind those sleds. The kiln trade was her idea, and I am grateful to have her big kiln. I won't have to fire so many bisque loads in order to fill the Bailey. The smaller kiln suits her needs better also. Looks like a win-win, except for the moving to Michigan part. I have enjoyed working with Bren again after all these years. Alas, her life path is taking her elsewhere, and I'm happy for her. I'll miss her, but she's a great letter-writer, that lost art form.

Now if she'd only start blogging.

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