Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

Rain Rain stay and play! Come and melt this snow away!

Today feels like a normal Monday. The kids have not attended school on time on a Monday since before Winter break. I even welcomed their grumbling and long faces in return for the opportunity for life to return to normal. I'm surprised they weren't more excited about going to school. I'm not a great cook nor have I been much of an entertainer on all these days off.
Into the studio for the first time in a long time. I threw a half dozen bowls and some cylinders for some angled wine bottle coasters. I still don't know if they will crack in the 56 degree basement, so I'm not going to make too many.I test fired the Oval kiln yesterday. Zero to ^08 in 7 hours. The timer works, as does the kiln sitter. Yippee! It stunk though. There is no way to know how long since it's been fired. There is a spot on the lid that smoked and smelled like wax at the end of the firing. I don't think it's wax though, because it looks like something stuck there, and when it was removed, it took parts of soft brick with it.
So Monday goes on. I have time for some yoga before volunteering at Ben's school library. I'm not even thinking about the snow forecast for Wednesday.

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  1. plastic crapola stuck on there?
    Dang, your work always looks so GOOD :)