Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Episode of Working Harder Not Smarter

This has nothing to do with shovelling or pickaxing snow. This is another example of doing what you know, even though there is a much easier way to accomplish the same task. I'm talking slabs.

Nearly all my pieces are thrown and pieced with a slab bottom attached. A year or so before we moved here, when I was still working in my little 10x12 garden shed, I upgraded from an old kitchen rolling pin to a serious 28" one. I have a collection of dowel rods to keep thicknesses uniform. It's a reliable system.

I haven't mentioned (or maybe I have) that the house came with a Bailey electric slab roller. Some folks leave you draperies or kitchen appliances. We got a slab roller. It's huge and heavy and the renters before us just made it part of their room decor.
It's missing the instruction manual and the pusher bar. There is some black electrical tape on what Jay thinks might be a safety/kill switch, but who really knows. I am completely intimidated by this thing, so as you can see I just put crap on it.

After rolling a few slabs today, I have decided to, at the very least, plug the thing in this weekend and see what happens. I guess this means another call to Bailey for the instructions. I'm sure I'll be glad once I get it going.

Now where am I going to put all that junk?


  1. Google online for instructions... I got my kiln instructions/manual for my old kiln that way! good luck! I use my smaller manual slab roller all the time!!!

  2. go ahead and take a walk on the wild side- you might not ever look back. And if it does not work for you let me know.
    Plus I see a new table for the stuff.

  3. Bailey's website had the instructions for your model. We found a 30" DRB model on Craigslist last year. It use to take us a couple days to roll out enough tiles for a kitchen, now a couple hours.

  4. you have an electric slab roller? never heard of it till now!