Saturday, February 6, 2010

Black and Blue

As you can see, I have much too busy with other important work to be in the studio. We got about 8" of snow the last weekend of January and took full advantage. Friends from Asheville came up to get snowed in with us. After a day and a half of sledding here, we all headed to their house because ironically, Asheville received more snow than we did.

Three days and nights of sledding have left their mark on me inlcuding a palm-sized bruise on my left thigh (crashed into a tree) and a mildly sprained right ankle (crashed into a tree).

A tree I did not crash into

My driveway drama is over. I am crying "Uncle!" My fingers ache like they are arthritic from clearing the entire driveway by hand just in time for it to be covered first by 6" of snow by yesterday morning, and then an inch of ice throughout the day. I am officially throwing in the towel.


  1. We just received 6" here in IN. I'm originally from WI so it finally feels like home. Hope you recover soon.

  2. Golly, and more snow for you again, right?