Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life's Short, Buy the Shoes

This was the posted facebook status of a friend of mine. And guess what? I DID buy shoes this week. On sale. They are Earth shoes, but not like those Earth shoes from my adolescence. You remember the ones: brown suede with wavy soles. Then in middle school, we all wore GASS shoes from Kinney's, the Great American Shoe Store. Jay doesn't remember them. He says he wore Hush Puppies. I told him my grandfather wore Hush Puppies.

I usually work in the studio wearing flip flops or old bedroom slippers, but they tend to fly off when I use the kickwheel. I have found that as I creep toward my mid-forties, my back and feet hurt more after long days in the studio. These shoes feel great. I don't care if I look like a dork. At least I'm not wearing my grandpa's shoes.

As far as the slab roller goes, it actually goes. The switch wiring for the pusher bar has been disconnected, but I read on clayart where another potter, who had found using the pusher bar problematic, replaced it with a foot pedal. Even without it, I still have to have one hand on the switch for the motor to stay on. Not as safe as both hands, but my husband, Dr. Safety is satisfied.

Mother Nature is still not giving us a break. We got another 6" of snow Tuesday, which translated into two more snow days for the kids. That means another half day of school this Saturday to make a slight dent in the days they've missed this winter. They were in school last Saturday, too. Jay and I used the time wisely. We got the car washed, went out for coffee, did a little shopping for a lawn tractor (to which we can attach a snow plow), bought the fixings for fish tacos and finally got a pair of new tires for the Prius. While we didn't exactly do the 3/50, we did the 2/150. It all evens out in the end. I can't imagine what we'll do this week.

My friend Sarah across the road has crocuses popping up in her yard. Mine are buried under several inches of snow in the photo above, which was taken before yesterday's snow. Too bad we didn't find a tractor last weekend. I could have used it yesterday. It's supposed to reach the high 50's this weekend. Maybe even warm enough for Jay to take the KLR out for a spin.
Maybe I can wear my new stylin' shoes instead of snow boots.

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  1. I love Earth Shoes and was around for the originals in the early 70's. I can remember my first pair. The new ones are much spiffier than the old styles. Right now I only have some Earth sandals. Maybe I should get some new ones....

    How are your calves feeling? All stretched out?