Thursday, July 22, 2010

Studio Assistants

While I was loading a bisque, I enlisted the help of my two favorite studio assistants this afternoon.

I think Ben was looking for the phone I knocked into the slurry bucket.
Allison cleaned up my glaze workbench and, in the process, found my favorite mini flexible rib and a most-sought-after elephant ear sponge. I am down to my last true elephant ear sponge and am desperate to find more. Highwater Clays no longer carries them. How can I possibly throw with a synthetic sponge?
I finished putting the handles on 9 baskets this afternoon. Attaching the handles is by far the most challenging part of making these pieces.

Then I loaded a bisque, using the craziest arrangement of shelves. I posted a while ago that I don't have enough shelves and the ones I have aren't the right size. So, I stacked pieces on half-shelves and broken shelves just to fill the kiln. I am going to Highwater tomorrow to finally buy the correct shelves for this kiln. And a new phone.


  1. I had a big old cleaning day today too, my help wasn't as cute as yours though....with I didn't have any help! I am about to wear out my favorite sponge also, I hate when that happens

  2. Kari, lately I've been using a cut up piece of the foam from cone boxes. Works great. The only problem is that I can't drape it over the edge of my water bucket. It wicks the water out of the bucket and makes a huge mess. Other than that, it's great.... and free!

  3. I use to have two helper who looked like yours!
    Boy I miss them.
    How dare they grow up and move away.
    Mark did a bang up clean up day yesterday and we are now ready to glaze- well he is....

  4. Have you tried one of the blue Sherrill sponges? I finally broke down and got one and I like it.

  5. I'm with you on being VERY particular when it comes to sponges. I do use the blue 'mudtools' sponge when I shape bowls during later stages of throwing but prefer an elephant ear type sponge for the earlier stages of pulling. I get mine from "clay-king" ( Note that the first 'elephant ear' sponge listed is very flat and stiff. I prefer more 'heft' and flexibility to my sponge, so the ones they call 'silk' sponges work great for me. Hope this helps! :-)