Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home from Vacation and Getting a Dose of Vitamin G(arden)


Purple Hydrangea

The kids and I spent last week in the Outer Banks with some great friends. Now, it's back to reality and what a doozy that is. Rather than dive directly into studio work, I thought I'd spend some time this morning in the garden.

Succulents in my pots
Latte in a Shane Mickey mug

Lavender with some Gladiolas in the background

Then I made it down to the studio for some throwing. I'm really trying to pick up the pace and contribute more to our household income. I'm pretty pleased at the rate I've been growing my art as a business. I'm narrowing down my shapes and glazes and am ready to branch out a little. I even think I'm ready to load my Etsy shop again.


  1. Beautiful hollyhocks and love the flowers in your pots, you've got me missing my gardens. The lavander colored flower looks like Russian sage, Perovskia.

  2. Yes yes. Please do load the Etsy shop! :)