Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Week's CSA Bounty

Eating carrots a la Bugs Bunny
I am really enjoying our CSA share from Green Toe Ground Farm down in Celo. I pick it up Friday and there's always something new. There's usually also something I have no earthly idea how to prepare, but try it out anyway. We still visit Saturday morning's Farmer's Market last week picking up some goat cheese from OakMoon Farm and Creamery, plums, blueberries and some strawberry vinegar.
A tiny dish of homemade pesto. Next week, I'll buy about 3 times as much basil. I could live on pesto and goat cheese. I think I'll make a squash casserole tonight. Oh yeah, and maybe roast that fennel.


  1. You go girl with that buying local! Looks great, I need to get to the market tomorrow.

  2. Oh your dish looks so good with the pesto, yummy and the carrot eaters are so cute posing for their photo.

  3. Yummm - July is a good time to eat! I also loved your pictorial of the basket making technique. I need to do that with my boxes.