Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are They Kidding?

I just got my copy of the Yancey Common Times Journal and above the fold reads the headline: Council calls for alcohol vote. Can you believe it? The article goes on to say that grocery sales in Yancey County are down 6 1/2 % since Spruce Pine started alcohol sales. Duh.

Sounds like Yancey County wants a piece of that action. Burnsville is one of only three WNC towns, and Yancey is one of only two dry counties in NC where the sale of alcohol is illegal. Perhaps soon, we'll be joining the rest of the state on what some fear is a fast ride to hell. I'll drink to that!


  1. we just voted in the pleasures of sin here in central NC-Asheboro.
    It has made my life easier!

  2. when we lived in Arkansas, they had bootleggers in the dry counties, they would buy liquor in the next county and sell it to the locals.

  3. I recognize this photo!!!