Monday, January 11, 2010

Bad Kitty

All in all, Tinkerbell is a pretty cool cat. She's the stray that we've adopted from our neighbor, who has been away for some time.

The pros:
She is extremely affectionate
No litter box
She requires minimal care and attention

The cons:
The *snacks* she brings into the basement
The undesirable *bits* leftover from said snacks left here and there

As is her custom, she meowed yesterday morning to be let upstairs. Once we saw her, we immediately noticed that the right side of her face was very swollen, and she did not want to be held and petted. We suspected an abcess of some sort, but had to wait until this morning to get her to the vet. Sure enough, she had gotten into a tussle with another animal, got bit and developed an infection. Since we weren't sure exactly when her last round of shots was, they just gave her boosters for everything and dewormed her as well. $218 later, she is on the mend, but definitely looks worse for the wear. Poor kitty.

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