Monday, January 25, 2010

Look What I Found in the Studio

I haven't posted in a while because I haven't been doing much. This time of year is tough. The studio is cold, Jay has been working 60 hour weeks, a flurry or two will keep the kids home from school and as often happens, one of them is sick.
Today, I was planning on braving the chill and getting some pots thrown, as well as cleaning up from I the only one who HATES cleaning up after glazing? I am usually so tired and completely put it out of my head. Anyway, Ben started running a fever yesterday so studio work was out. I got the laundry done instead. But who wants to read about that?

As some of you know, we bought this beautiful piece of property with a somewhat less than pristine house. I'm not sure who is guilty of the modifications, but we are determined to fix them. We have plenty of "what were they thinking" moments and are occasionally stopped in our tracks. Whenever studio news seems to be running dry, I think I'll visit the spots in my house that make me scratch my head.

I love my studio. It was in pretty good shape when we moved in. We took down some shelves that were rotted, and Jay replaced a sill plate and sistered up some floor joists. We knocked down walls and removed the window screens that divided the studio from the rest of the basement.

What I can't seem to get rid of is the built-in, fold-down ironing board. I assume that Jo Lydia needed the ironing board to press her doilies.
However, I am stumped as to how she was able to iron. When one attempts to fold the ironing board down, it hits an intake duct for the furnace. I have been unsuccessful in removing all of the nuts, and it's not really in the way, so I just live with it.
The notes are from Ben. Following my instructions not to be disturbed, he would drop notes for me through the "vent", which is simply a rectangular hole in the floor, I suppose where some ductwork was going to go.

It didn't.


  1. Kari, I have a Kerosun heater in the basement that I don't use. Want it for your studio?


  2. Oh, that built in ironing board must have been there before the heat.
    All the ladies had to have one.
    Too bad you can't get to it to use...... !
    I hate clean up in the studio. I think I do it all the time.
    Something always needs to be moved or shifted.

  3. nice to meet you and now I shall poke around your groovy blog :)

  4. We have spots like this in our strange old house, too. In our basement, they built a pantry so tight against one wall that you can't get the door to the under-stairs cellar all the way open. I'm the only one who can squeeze through there...

    Makes you wonder what they were thinking???

  5. I love fold down ironing boards, just cut the end off then it can be a temporary work surface or table.