Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing Like Watching Cynthia and John Demo to Get You Going

Well, a little heater would help, but...

Last night's Clay Club meeting was held at Cynthia Bringle's studio. We always have great food and last night was no exception. John Hartom brought a couple of pizzas from Pizzart in Spruce Pine. The Pesto pizza was divine.

We discussed a few business items and then Cynthia did a throwing demo for us. She really makes it look easy. John Britt followed with some "backwards" pots, throwing a few bowls from uncentered lumps of clay and generally just messing around with them.

I haven't been to a meeting since September and haven't made any new work since November, so my mind has not been on clay as much as usual. But any time I watch someone working with clay, I take home a new idea or two. John's method has got me thinking about braving the cold and trying something out.

I just might hijack that kerosene heater after all.

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