Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking a little break

As deadlines loom, I've been breaking my back in the studio, working most of the weekend. I'll post pictures later today unless I'm still working until 9 or so like last night. I'm having a good time, but since it's been raining so much, the work just isn't drying as fast as I'd like. When the humidity reached 81%, I was forced to turn on the dreaded dehumidifier. I have little panic attacks when it's on because if it dries the air too fast, I run the risk of my seams cracking. So I was up at 4:45 this morning checking on the pieces.

Over the weekend I took a little break from work to play with the kids. I was feeling guilty since this was our first weekend without Scout to snuggle with, and Jay was busy fixing the truck (a side note: it actually is fixed this time! Thanks to Lamar's diagnosis and an O2 sensor! Yippee!). But the kids did not desire my presence, so I headed out to the perennial garden. The weeds always require my presence.
And look what I found hiding in the weeds...



Bleeding Heart


And of course, Poison Ivy. I thought I was being very careful, but still managed to get some on my arm. Check out the Celo Photo blog. Perhaps I should have tried the folk remedy?


  1. Ahhh, the life of an artist. Some days, I wish I was back in that game. I'm dreadfully allergic to poison ivy. I just walk by it and it jumps on me. I also have bleeding hearts. They make me happy. :)

    Hope your seams are ok.

  2. Wow, my spider wort isn't blooming yet.
    Do you know about Tecnu? It's the best stuff for preventing the itchy stuff.

  3. Cool! Like a secret garden!!

  4. Hey! You are busy! I am too...only it hasn't been with my art! Kids and schools! I did attempt to start a blog yesterday...still am not sure what I'm doing... learning as I go! The next clay club is soon...hope to see u there.