Friday, May 8, 2009

Feng Shui

Since we started remodelling the basement, my studio and kiln room have become the dumping grounds for all the extra stuff we have. This is all personal stuff with little monetary value whatsoever. I don't want to attract any thieves with pictures of the inside of my house and my priceless belongings.

There are open, rifled-through boxes, tubs of outgrown kids' clothes and let's not forget the doors that will eventually get delivered to the Habitat Store.

The lawn chair is supposed to be there. It's my thinking chair.

I suggested a small storage unit down the road, but since we actually relocated a small family of mice into our house the last time we used such a place, Jay wants to find another solution. His is to move everything back into the still unfinished basement area, so that we can move it somewhere else when we decide to erect the stud walls. The electric slab roller (so kindly left behind by the last owners) is piled with books and magazines and is jammed up against one side of my work table. I'm looking forward to using that slab roller some day.

It might be easier to move the kiln than to find a home for all the other stuff. Notice the large appliance in the foreground, delivered this Monday and due to be installed next Monday, replacing a non-working one. I sure hope they take the old one away when they go.

I'm not much for cleaning so I guess I'll just keep on making pots like nothing's in the way. Now where am I going to put them?


  1. Once all the remodeling is done, you'll be back in shape. You may have to balance the pots on your head if you can't find any open space. :)

  2. Does this mean you are saving a special project just for us when we visit??? ; ) You'll need to get more beer....

  3. wow... a slab roller was there! great post. The title was perfect for what you shared.