Sunday, May 10, 2009

Earth First

I am an environmentalist. My husband is too. We bought this house knowing there was/were improvements to be made. It is more environmentally friendly to remodel an existing home rather than building from the ground up. Okay, I can't afford the PV panels for the roof or the wind turbine yet, but we make every effort to conserve energy, from fussing at the kids to turn off the lights to simply being cognizant of the energy we are consuming.

And while I love my red wine in bottles, I sometimes drink boxed wine. While I don't necessarily want to believe I am a non-bottled wine drinker, I embrace the idea of the greening of the wine industry. Since boxed wine uses significantly less energy to bottle, I wanted a way to imbibe without the stigma of being a cheap-o. Introducing the carafe. They hold an inexact amount of wine, but look delightful on your table. They can be disreetly refilled in the kitchen without disrupting the wine connoisseur atmosphere.

Anyway, like I need to justify my wine drinking. Here are some carafes. Maybe they'll come in handy sometime and make me feel more sophisticated while I'm lowering my platelets.


  1. salute... here's to lowering platelets and the carbon footprint

  2. yeah earth! hope to see the carafes when finished.