Monday, August 16, 2010

Regional Artist Grants

I've had a couple of people over the last few days mention applying for a regional artist grant, and I am really thinking about doing this. I mean, it's free money for artists, right? What do I have to lose?

I am deciding between asking for a laptop for my business or money to move my kilns outside. Jay thinks I should go for the whole shebang and ask for a studio building separate from our house. Frankly, I'm not sure I could handle the stress of building and moving my studio, just as I am getting started. I'm leaning towards money to move the kilns.

Any thoughts?


  1. Gee, can you apply for two different ones? If they can't award the big one for the studio, perhaps they can award the other one, better chance of getting one if you submit two? good luck, I hope you get the grant.

  2. As a former applicant and also twice a panelist, it's a hard sell for the laptop. They all know you need a computer, but so does everyone else.
    Go for the kiln moving, health and safety and all that. The max payout is $1000, so be sure to have the budget details down pat especially the part where you show that you can cover any part that the grant doesn't pay. They don't want any project unfinished because the applicant couldn't come up with their part.

  3. Hey, I'm applying for a local arts grant right now, and I am having a friend edit it for me who is familiar with writing grants. If you know someone that can read your final draft it is really helpful. I got a project grant several years ago to buy a kiln, and I was very precise with my budget figures. I went to a grant info meeting last week, if your local arts council is offering those they are also very helpful. they basically tell you what to write. Be clear, concise, professional and have a well thought out plan. Show how this is imperative to the advancement of your career, health and safety are good points, ask yourself why you need this grant more than the next person applying, the panel will, make sure they remember you and your project. I am very sure of what I want this time, and I think my application is pretty strong. I applied last year with a pretty weak plan, got nothing. Good luck! It's a pain in the butt applying for these things, why can't we just plant trees with money?

  4. PS: Gillian Parke applied for a grant to move her kiln/build a kiln shed and she got it, so that's probably a good project.