Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Help in the Studio

Not another pet post. Who wants to read about that? I decided to take a chance and let the kitties into the basement, and since there is no longer a dividing wall, into the studio as well. They pretty much behaved themselves. I can't be certain, but they are suspect in a minor crime. They like hiding under the slab roller on top of a box that contains one of my kid's birthday presents from long ago.

His friend's Mom had never met me. Ben tried "throwing" on the wheel once, but was unimpressed.

Yesterday, my friend and fellow potter Nelle Pingree came up to the Northern Territories to deliver some work that I'm firing for her. Currently, I've got cone 5 tipping and should be done by supper time.

Nelle brought a nice Pinot Noir which we enjoyed last night in my tiny cups. Jay prefers a wine glass since the mini cups hold just enough wine to piss you off. They are so adorable though.


  1. Hope you post some results of your's and Nellies, yeah give me a big cup of wine, te he.

  2. that's funny! We once were stuck in a bed and bath- I say that because that is all it was! With the only thing to drink wine out of were small- and I mean small paper cups.
    Like you would take a pill with- we did shots of wine and the next day went shopping and picked up some great pottery to drink out of.
    Thanks for a great chuckle!