Monday, June 14, 2010

Trans-America Trail Week 3

Nothern California

Well, I have to be honest that Jay's name has been synonymous with dirt this past week. I had two glaze firings, Allison's chorus concert, two end-of-year award ceremonies (one of which I could not attend), and all the yard work and clean up leading up to the Studio Tour. I wasn't too happy at having to handle all of it alone, but my Mom raised me to be a capable girl. I pulled it off, and the kids really came through though, too, opting to complete the long list of indoor chores while I weeded the garden. Smart kids.
Camp Somewhere

So now that the Tour is over, sales were down 40% from last year, unless you consider that I sold two pieces out of the Tour exhibit, and this is the first year I am represented in several galleries in the area. Those checks will start rolling in in a few weeks, and I will stop wondering if potential customers drove by my place, overgrown with weeds as it is...

I wish I had more information on my travelling husband. However, he has been without a cell signal most of the time. I do know that they had a terrible time getting through some of the NV desert and were forced to turn back on countless passages through the mountains of NV getting into CA. A waitress along the way informed Jay and Bruce that she doesn't usually see TAT riders until sometime in July. Timing is everything. I thought it was location, location, location.


When we spoke on Saturday, Jay told me he is dirty, sore, and tired. His GPS quit working a few days ago (Bruce's quit back in OK), so they must rely on maps and the roll chart that they didn't put together (remember that this is a trail with no roads...). And he and Bruce are quibbling a little bit. And he's nearly out of money. Good thing he's already bought his ticket home, although I'm not sure he sounded as if he wants to come home yet. He did express his desire to drive his car once he's home. Usually the motorcycle is a gas-saver in the summer. Perhaps this year not so much.

By now, I suppose Jay is somewhere in OR. The trail ends in Coos Bay (I think). He's taking the red-eye out of Portland Friday night. And from here on out, he needs his own blog. Stay tuned.

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  1. Your left with all the work and Jay's having fun (sorta). Those GPS woes can be a problem, hope he is doing ok, that is quite a trip he is taking. Gary wants to get a motorcycle, but with all the rain around here and the poor drivers I convinced him a car was safer to drive.