Sunday, June 13, 2010

Studio Tour and More

I feel like I've been in a daze for the past several days, ever since the late night firing Tuesday. I think the stress of having Jay gone for so long is catching up with me. My blood pressure was up at the doc's office the other day.

Moth on a pile of pottery

The kids are out of school for the summer, and the Studio Tour is winding up. Traffic has been slower than last year, but I thoroughly enjoy talking to the people that stop by. I have gotten a few new ideas from visitors that I'll take up when I get back into the studio later this month.

Butterfly on an ikebana dish

I've been working on taking new photographs of my pieces. I bought 300 watt compact fluorescent bulbs (which are in no way compact at all), however, the base of the bulb is too large to fit 2 of my 3 clamp lights, so I am using one as the overhead light and 100 watt CFLs for the side lighting. My camera has 3 fluorescent light settings: cool, warm and daylight. I decided to take photos using all three, as well as the automatic setting. Interestingly, all the fluorescent settings make the photos too yellow. The automatic setting seems to work just fine.

Now I'll be able to update my website and get some images sent to Meredith for the Clay and Blogs Exhibit.


  1. The moth and butterfly look sweet on your pottery. Your photo looks good, I always have trouble with glare on shiny pots, but the reflected light must help with that. Sometimes those automatic settings are great, smart cameras nowadays. Do you brush, dip or spray your glazes, the one you have shown fits like a glove.

  2. oh, what a great bunch of pics here too!

  3. Linda, I spray the baskets. This one is around 20" long. I tired hairspray for glare, but I have a couple of very glossy glazes. I found Dulling Spray at an art supply store.

    Gary, Thanks as always for the compliment.

  4. Well your glazes look great, dulling spray, I'll have to look for that, thanks so much Kari.