Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trans-America Trail Week 2

Bruce in the Colorado Snow

We last left our adventurers in Colorado. It took a surprising long time to get out of Colorado. Towards the end of last week, they were turned around at two mountain passes due to snow. They ended up taking a (yikes!) paved road for 20 miles or so to get into Utah.

Jay in Arches

Jay in the lower left, Northwindow

They spent two day in Moab, UT, doing some hiking in Arches National Park. Then they moved on to Canyonlands for a couple of nights. Somewhere along the way Bruce's brakepads wore out as well as one of his tires.

Highway 279, Canyonlands

I got a call from Jay Thursday night asking me to look online for a bike shop in or near Salina UT. His rear brake pads were shot, and he couldn't get the bike to go faster than about 45 mph. I found a shop for him, but they didn't have the brake pads he needed, so they spent the better part of yesterday travelling to a town 100 miles away to get them, going 45 mph on a highway with a 75 mph speed limit! As it turns out, his air filter was clogged with sand after 30 miles of desert riding.

They've been in a motel for the past two days, so they should be well rested for the next leg of the journey: into the desert of Nevada.

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  1. What a great adventure. I would love to do something like this, and boy do I wish I was laying in that snow today, the Farmer's Market was brutal!
    So hot! Love the pictures :)