Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Load Ready to Go

I am extremely inept at judging how much work can fit inside a kiln. I was able to fit what I thought would be two bisque loads into one in the big Oval. I do enjoy the challenge of fitting as much as I can into a kiln, but was pleasantly surprised when I realized I would not have to fire the bisque twice this week.

Then as I am loading the glaze kiln, I make the astute observation that the 18 cu ft Bailey that I thought was SO large when we bought this place, is actually not large enough to hold all of my pots. Not by a long shot. And this is not the first time this has happened. In fact it happens almost every time I am ready to fire.

So, I'll fire one load Saturday morning and then another Tuesday in between my mammogram appointment and folks from the Senior Center coming to see the studio. It's all got to get done somehow.


  1. It's those dang handles, girl, they are space eaters! Good luck with the firing, hope for happy pots.

  2. You have been busy- hope the firing(S) go well.
    I always am surprised at how much you can get in a bisque and how the glaze pots eat the sapce.