Friday, October 29, 2010

New Ideas in the Studio

I'm sure you've been missing me and wondering how my PTO gig went and when I would be making more pottery, to which I answer: just fine and finally this week.

I stopped at the Burnsville TRAC gift shop this week to see if I needed to restock any work, and one of the shopkeepers asked me if I had anything specifically holiday related. I don't so I thought I'd go home and try to come up with something. I played around with some ornament ideas.
And then had the idea to stack some of these shapes to make some sort of a Christmas Tree.
Not really doing much for me.

They were much more fun to play around with this way.
So I attached slab bottoms to a couple, and I think I've got a new form to work with.


  1. great ideas!
    Funny how the mind plays until something comes out.

  2. I actually like the Christmas tree idea a lot - but then I am not one of the creative ones in the family. love, aunt pat