Monday, October 4, 2010

Clay & Blogs and Other Happenings

I'm not sure having a car with a built-in GPS is a good thing. I picked the kids up early from school Friday, loaded them in the car and set off for what I thought would be a 4 hour car ride to the Moore County Arts Council. I must have picked the wrong route because the trip took 5 hours. I didn't arrive in time for the group picture, because I was busy talking to a nice Police Officer in Candor. No ticket, just a warning.

The kids were great. Allison took loads of photos which I don't have the time to go through until later and ate all the sandwiches that Ben tried and didn't like. I did manage to convince them that it was inappropriate to climb the lovely live oak outside. Attending this reception with me was their penance since the rest of the weekend was party-time for them. Otherwise, I'll bet they would have opted to stay home.

The reception was great. I wish I lived closer and could spend more time with all of the great work. I am humbled and honored to be included with such a diverse and talented group of potters. I met Superwoman Meredith, Mark, Linda, Tracey, Hollis, Samantha among others whose names escape me, but I will remember when I go through Allison's pictures and catch up on everyone's blogs.

We left Southern Pines and drove to our old stomping grounds outside of Charlotte to visit old friends. The rest of the weekend is a blur, but unfortunately, Saturday was too busy for me to get to the Atherton Mill to see the Carolina's Got Art! Exhibition. I pinky-promised to come back soon to see my friends so maybe I'll squeeze in a trip before the exhibit comes down.


  1. Kari it was so great to finally meet you and your kids, who by the way, are absolutely adorable!!!
    They were incredibly patient with everything going on and I really enjoyed talking with Allison, what a bright young lady! Your baskets are lovely in person, that one shino is really really nice!I will have to get up your way for a visit one of these days.

  2. It was great to meet you and see your kids enjoying themselves.
    We should photoshop you in the group.
    Come back again and come spend some time in Seagrove.
    I loved seeing your pots in person.