Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am definitely suffering from studio withdrawal. I have been unable to carve out any studio time for the last two weeks. Only one more week of preparations for the PTO Fall Festival, and I'm headed down to finish up some work in progress and clean up the mess I left.

I'm in the middle of a batch of smaller baskets.

I have a ware board of them tightly covered waiting for handles.

The reclaim that I spread onto plaster is cracked and getting bone-dry around the edges.

And even wth so many boxes of Ellen Buff, I really wanted to work with a white body again for a bit. That box of Buncombe White isn't going to carry itself downstairs.

Ooh! You can see a glimpse of my new-to-me Subaru Outback in the background. I have my own car for the first time in nearly 10 months. I can't promise not to bitch about the Ford anymore (that's way too much fun), but not today.

In fact today is a celebration! My "baby" turns 10 today.


  1. Gary sold his subaru before we left California and he still says he misses it, they are good cars. Ten's a lucky number today for you and your family. ha.

  2. Oh boy, now we have matching cars! What color is yours? Mine's blue. We now have three subarus. Just put a new timing belt on Wesley's subaru that has 160,000 mile, get ready... $1300!!! There went our summer vacation $$
    So glad to hear you are in the non motivated state, so am I. I have done nothing this week, nor do I feel like doing anything, my sinuses are attacking me and I am a big fat sick blob!
    Happy birthday to the small one!!! hmmm... a fellow Libra:)

  3. Old Chinese Proverb: Biting faster than chewing will get one choked! (actually, I just made that up, but it comes from actual experience!!)

  4. sometimes better things like family come between you and the wheel.
    That is when plastic is your best friend!
    Happy birthday to your "little" one!