Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shameless Plug

These are the two pots I have at the TRAC Gallery in Spruce Pine. The white basket is from my cone 10 load last fall and the heart bowl is cone 6 oxidation. Both glazes are in need of improvement. I think it was Shane Mickey who mentioned at a Clay Club meeting how eager we potters are to leave behind the pots from our last firings. I tend to agree with him.

Armed with my new-found cone 6 reduction knowledge and a healthy amount of chutzpah (not to mention the constructive criticism I received at a critique), I can't wait to see my new work with new glazes.

I'm glaze firing on Saturday June 6. Come on down! I'm #17 on the map http://www.toeriverarts.org/tourmap.shtml

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