Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cone 6 reduction Results

I candled the kiln overnight Friday and started a slow climb Saturday morning since the leveling strips and cone packs were still wet. The early climb was a little uneven top to bottom, but a damper adjustment fixed that. I started reduction around 11:00 and cone 6 was flat and I shut the kiln off at 3:15. I think my climb was too slow (only 130-160 F per hour), but it seemed any adjustment I made to speed things along resulted in uneven heat. I have to look over my firing notes and decide what to change for Wednesday's firing.

This morning at 8:00, the interior temp had dropped to around 500 F so we were able to unload by dinnertime. With one notable exception, the results were dazzling. The tile on the left was fired at John's last week. The tile on the right is from the same exact cup of glaze but fired in my kiln. I loved the glaze at John's and made a 5000 gram batch. It is pretty uninteresting and in fact looks like watery baby shit.
The yellow pot below bears little resemblance to the test tile from John's, but I am in love with this glaze. I tested my cone 10 glazes and several look exactly the same at cone 6. Yippee! They can do double duty. I still need practice with the spray gun, and I might try to refire some of the pieces where the glaze is too thin. All in all I think the firing went really well. Cone 6 reduction kicks ass!