Friday, June 5, 2009

Pilots Lit!

Brenda (one of my college studio-mates) has come to visit, glaze some pots and fire the kiln with me. I've spent the past several days pouring over all the test tiles from John's class and decided that the next logical move was to mix up 4 more base glazes to test. Is there a support group for John Britt glaze junkies? Too much more of this and I might need professional help.

This firing is a group effort in every sense. I ran out of titanium and was able to borrow some from Sarah. Brenda brought several cone 6 pieces and Tria brought by some cups. Marian is coming up tomorrow to cheer me on while I fire and maybe test out a new Sangria recipe. Jay helped out by taking apart the pilots, cleaning and painting them. Oooooh shiny!

Everything has really fallen into place. I was only able to decide on 3 glazes to mix up and I was concerned about glazing a full load with only 3 colors. However as I loaded the kiln with all the work, I quickly realized that I had made more than enough for one load.
In fact, I am certain I have enough for another load. I'm going to fire a second cone 6 on Wednesday. I figure that I'll be able to unload the kiln Friday in time for the TRAC Studio Tour. How's that for waiting until the last minute? The great thing is that I'll be able to enjoy my new test tiles and make some new colors for the second firing.

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