Saturday, April 11, 2009

Measure twice and cut once?

Friday morning comes and you grab your 8 lb sledge and what do you know? You too can wreck the house! This opportunity does not present itself often so listen up. I was not around to take a whack. Jay's folks are in town this weekend so his Dad was the helper. I knew as long as I didn't hear any choice words (followed by the sound of quarters being tossed into the swear jar) that all was well. The guys built a frame and had mortared the edges of the hold only to discover that the hole was just a tad too small on one side. What's a little more concrete dust when you already have black lung? Get a load of Dad's coveralls, Sear and Roebuck circa 1967. Where can I get a pair?

So for Jay's birthday today, he got his wish of not having a hole in his house. And he hasn't even blown out the candles yet. The window is installed and requires just a bit of finishing work at this point. We'll insulate and make sure it's waterproof, and the rest can wait until we're ready to frame the walls. Not quite sure how we're going to handle the window well yet.

The grandparents are taking Allison and Ben back to TN with them for Spring Break, so Jay and I will have some uninterrupted time to...scrape the flaking waterproofing off the interior walls, remove the dividing structure between the studio and basement and remove the shower and accompanying 5"slab of concrete. A couple of trips to the landfill and our vacation time will be complete. After that, I'm off duty as far as home remodelling goes. I'm itching to make some pots and summer deadlines are fast approaching. Won't you be happy to read about pottery again?

Meanwhile, the gallery is open for business or just for visiting.

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  1. That's a very intense project...yikes! Hope all goes well and your kids enjoy Spring Break.