Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meanwhile, back in the studio...

Actually, nothing is happening in the studio except that I lost one of the four baskets I made to cracking. Boo hoo. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective. I'm not going to be able to make good pots until we finish the basement, and I can control the indoor climate. So, studio work is on hold until further notice. Or until the end of April, whichever comes first.

What we need is more time to devote to the basement, and guess what? We get a snow day! Yup, April 7 is snow day #15 for my kids. The added bonus is that Jay can't get off the mountain to get to work, so we get a freebie! Good thing we spent this past weekend digging the hole for the egress window. It's over 5' deep. Although I told him I needed a pic of him in it for scale, he refused to pose. Ben offered, but I don't want any documentation of my poor parenting skills. The pipe you see is the sewage pipe for a half bath that had no fixtures when we moved in. We're removing the plumbing and making it a closet. Good thing since the pipes do not connect to the septic tank.

Jay's going to "test" his saw to see if it will cut through the concrete block to enlarge the opening for the window. I have to force myself not to imagine a gaping hole in the house for the below-freezing temps tonight.

I also started weeding the perennial garden this weekend. I made about halfway through one patch when my neighbor called and told me among other things that Saturday was a bad day, biodynamically speaking to be weeding. He's my new best friend.


  1. Wow! that hole looks like it could be fun. My house would be a big pile of rubble by now if we dug a hole that big. Good luck with the project.

  2. By all means you'd hate to screw up the biodynamical balance of your garden by weeding.

  3. I totally know what you mean with the drying thing and the snow day thing. My girls are on spring break and we're enjoying today's weather menu.

    I'm losing stuff and retro-wetting pots that need handles because my studio is so dry. In Micaville I always hosed the floor down and was able to keep the humidity way up there. Here, with either the wood stove going, or windows open, pots are drying way to fast. I'm considering a damp box, which I've never had to use in my 20+ years as a potter! Maybe I need a basement! Ha...

  4. Oooooohhhh! I always love before and after pictures! I love your get-it-done attitude.