Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Good Life

Three weeks after being diagnosed with cancer, we put our beloved cat Scout to sleep today. She was nearly 16 and was our first baby. We are pretty sad today but relieved as well. She had been behaving as always, but since the tumor was in her lower jaw and mouth, eating had become increasingly difficult for her.
We found her as a tiny stray kitten about a month before we got married. Her nose was peppered with tiny scars and she was missing the very tip of her right ear. She was completely deaf, but we talked to her every day of her life. When she was younger we could put a harness on her and walk her on a leash. We taught her to fetch her toys. She preferred to drink water straight from the tap, often waiting in the tub for someone to come into the bathroom. We're not really sure if she ever thought of herself as a cat. We're not sure we did either.
Today is Harper Lee's birthday, the author of "To Kill A Mockingbird" for which Scout was named. I'm sure going to miss her.


  1. Pets are so wonderful and add alot to life. We put our 20 year old border collie down last year. I still call our new pet by her name.

  2. Hi sis,

    Just saw this and immediately started crying (surprise!). Adam wants to say "I feel so sad for you". He is sentimental, like me. Jackson is here, too. We are really sorry for your loss, what a long life! I can totally remember playing with her at your house in the days right before your wedding. Love you all, and we are thinking of you. Mouse

  3. gosh, sounds like she had a rich life and that you had the same with her. Animals can be such a part of the family.