Monday, November 14, 2011

Guess Who is Firing Again?

In case you have been wondering, I do still exist on the planet. My life is beyond crazy busy now and dial-up sucks. I usually run out of patience before blogs can load, and I'm too busy at work to take the time to read. If the Universe would create, just for me, an extra day or two, maybe a week, I could catch up on gallery paperwork and take the time to breathe. And read blogs.

In the meantime, I've moved my gas kiln and am 95% finished with the shed. I'm calling a friend for back-up before I cut a hole in the roof for the chimney, but after we do that, it's a "go". Propane is scheduled for hook-up on the 22nd, and I'm hoping to have her loaded and ready to fire on Thanksgiving Day. It's been a year since I've fired, and I'm sure I am forgetting how much work I have to do to get ready, especially since the pots are at the gallery, the glazes all need to be re-sieved and the pots, glazes and kiln are all in three different places.

And I have been making work like crazy. I have enough bisqueware for 2 maybe even 3 glaze loads, all cone 6R. I have 4 or 5 cone 6 R glazes I am happy with and 1 or 2 that need some tweaking. I am still stuck on 2 or 3 cone 10 glazes that I love, but eventually would love to do away with the cone 10 altogether in the name of saving time, money and the planet. Not that I have much time for testing, but I just can't seem to help myself, but does anyone have cone 6R glaze recipes that they would like to share?  I seem to recall someone (maybe Tracey) who has a cone 6 R black recipe?

So back to busy again. And if the Universe sees fit to comply with my modest request, I can post pictures of the new work in the coming weeks.


  1. You've been busy, nice set up for your kiln, can't wait to see your new work. I had dial up till I moved here so I feel your pain, sometimes I go to the library and use their computers which are even faster than what I have here now.

  2. Kari: I had some great ^6 results with my friend Barbara, I'll have to dig up the info but I'm happy to share. Also, we are doing it again in January, may have some new results, I'll let you know. Good to see you are blogging although with dial up I fear we won't hear too much from you. I wouldn't even use the internet when we had it, drove me nuts! Glad to hear you are moving forward, seems you have lots to do!
    YOU might be able to search ^6 redux on my blog and find some recipes I think I posted them....

  3. hey the kiln shed is looking good, i can't believe you're having to use dial up. my dsl has been getting a bit slower lately and it's driving me crazy

  4. Hi Kari, try for a complete database of glazes. They have just about any color you could want.

  5. Looking forward to your next blogpost-even if it is short!
    Technology can be a pain. Here's to good potting and firing AND sales!