Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Just Not Ready

Last fall, before I had even really started working in my new studio (heck, I hadn't even finished unpacking), I eagerly joined TRAC, signed up for the December Studio Tour and dropped off pieces for jurying for their galleries. I didn't expect to have the work accepted and indeed it wasn't. No big deal. I knew I had better work inside of me.

Now a year later, my work has improved, I am learning the best way to fire my Bailey and am entertaining the idea of galleries. I was accepted as a member of Toe River Crafts and my wine bottle coasters are for sale at Mountainside Wine in Spruce Pine. My home gallery is open most days, and I get visitors several times a week. I have an America Creates online gallery as well as an Etsy shop (currently empty though). Now, TRAC's jurying deadline is fast approaching.

I'm just not ready to spread myself that thin. At a recent Clay Club meeting Cynthia Bringle said that most new potters tend to try to do too much too soon. Since I've been making pots for 15 years, I'm not exactly "new", however, I am definitely inexperienced at marketing, managing my work and my time. Unfortunately I missed the deadline for a Professional Development retreat at Penland. I've got to start using that planning calendar. I think my inability to get new pots posted on Etsy is also telling of my overextending myself.

So for the remainder of this year, I will continue to make work and improve on what I currently have taken on. I've got up and running. I might enter a juried show or two, but I think galleries will have to wait until next year.

Whew! Glad I don't have to stress about that anymore.

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