Sunday, August 2, 2009

I think I'm Getting the Hang of This

Here is the after picture of my second cone 10 firing. Many of the baskets on top are glazed with Lansmen Fake Ash and a blue variation there of. I also used Rob's Green which looks pretty nice on my baskets. I had a bit undesirable running on the Fake Ash as well as a few blisters here and there. Nothing too terrible though.
I am especially excited about the Lustre Shino I used on several pieces. Last time, it was dull and so uninteresting that I could have cried. I do love Shinos. This time, the pots are lustre-y and yummy, and I am so pleased. The downside is that I only glazed a few pots with it since it was such a let-down last fall. There's always next time!
I'm taking photos today and will try to work on my website more.

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