Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All work and no play makes Kari dull and cranky!

We really haven't been working on the basement all that long, but it's been weeks since I have been in the studio except to move in boxes that do not belong there! I'm afraid my wheel is going to ask for ID before I can sit down. And the camera batteries are dead so I can't add any new pictures. So I'm just going to use these few moments to bitch a little.

Did I mention that the weeds are growing at least an inch a day in the perrenial garden. These pictures were taken in May. It was such a jungle last year. It scares me to even think about how to manage it. The bottom photo is the smallest section. It took almost an entire day to weed that one section out.

Okay, I'm putting those fears into a pink balloon and saying good-bye. There. I feel much better.

On the pottery front, I got really good constructive criticism at the Clay Club meeting last week, and I don't want to squander that by doing something stupid like forgetting everything everyone said. So, I am going to find my apron, wedge a few balls of clay and throw for a bit. Just what the doctor ordered.

Or was that a lime in the coconut?

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