Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where Do I Start?

I would start at the beginning, but you'd just get bored and quit reading. I haven't posted in such a long time because just about everything in my life is changing. Shall I give you the good news or the bad first?

About 8 weeks ago, while trying to decide about starting a cooperative, two other artists and I stumbled onto a business opportunity too good to pass up. We are now the proud owners of One Of A Kind Art Gallery in Micaville, NC. We opened our doors for business on April 1st, had a smashing grand opening reception last Friday and are so excited about this new venture.

I have to be careful about how I talk about the other major change in my life. But being careful and cautious has led to some misunderstandings, so I'm just going to lay it out. I have made the difficult decision to leave my marriage of nearly 18 years. I have moved out, but still see my children almost daily. I have moved my wheel, slab roller and bisque kiln to the gallery, where there is studio space. I'm moving the gas kiln to a space about a mile down the road. Some folks will consider my divorce bad news. Ever the optimist, I consider it a chance for a richer life.

Most likely, I will get some grief for posting about this. My estranged husband is intensely private and once he hears that I have written this for public consumption, there will be some fallout. However, not blogging for the past few months has left me feeling disconnected from all of my potter-blogger friends. Here is my attempt to reconnect.


  1. we are here to hold you up- let me know how to help and if nothing my email box is always open.
    Hugs- M

  2. What a difficult decision, most folks don't know I'm in my second marriage of 26 years, but I can still remember how hard the leaving was on the first one, you are very brave, thinking of you and my email is always open too, wish I was closer I'd come by personally and give you a big hug Kari, but here's one virtually.

  3. Good luck with your big changes. It will be nice to have a working studio at the OOAK.

  4. Holy Crap Kari!!! Same as Meredith, my email box is open 24 hours if you need to write shit out, it's a very confidential space. Now about that gallery.... if you are looking for artists from Chapel Hill, hmmm.... :)
    I have a friend, she was my next door neighbor in Greensboro, that went through a very similar thing a while back, husband got custody of the kids. Good news is, time flies, the kids are in college and she has a really great relationship with them. Hang in there, email anytime! Good for you for being so brave and having the courage to follow your heart!!!!!!!

  5. If you had never blogged before, but then suddenly started with the news of the separation, that would seem odd. But, in my opinion, you are simply sharing this news in each of the ways you've connected in your world, including your blog and this community. I hope those near and dear to you surround you with love and understanding as you go through these transitions.

  6. I hope this difficult adjustment time goes by quickly for you. Life is too short to live it unhappily.

  7. i havent known you long...but you've rooted out a cozy little spot in my heart...right next to lynda.
    that spot is always open for you...whatever you need it for...

  8. I love all of you guys! Thanks for the great support! I'm trying to post more, but blogspot is giving me a headache as far as posting photos. Perhaps, I will figure this out soon.

  9. Kari--

    Oh goodness, many changes but it looks like all is going to turn out well for you. How could it not? Cyber hug from me too! :)

    Let me know if you need some Green Bag Lady bags to put items in when people buy things at the gallery! I'd be happy to send you a batch. Email me: