Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to Doing What I do Best

I know I said I was going to throw some cups. And I know that I should stick to my word. But, let's face it, when there are potters out there who are making gorgeous cups, is it really necessary for me to do make cups too? After seeing these cups on Meredith's blog, I decided to leave the cup making to the pros. At least for now.

Besides, the cups I threw were taking forever to dry, and I nearly forgot about them. I had left way to much clay at the base so they requited an inordinate amount of trimming. And then the kitties decided to take a tap dance on the ware board, gouging several cups and moving the plastic so that they dried too fast. Plus, it's really cold in the studio. Wah.

After tossing the cups into the reclaim bucket, I sat down and threw some small cylinders. No pictures since you all know what they look like. I'm going to try making some small baskets. One of the ideas someone floated at our last Clay Club was the Orton cone box thing. I wonder if I can go that small. I think it's harder than it looks.


  1. hey- I like those mugs....:)!
    Those are the same reasons I don't make pie plates.
    I love your baskets and why should you make mugs??
    Go for that tiny cone box thing-one of your baskets would be great!

  2. If some people only knew how hard it is to coordinate all the comings and goings of clay; maybe all mediums are that way, I don't know, I suspect so. I said I didn't make mugs either but then one day I made those pinched ones and I kind of like them, I might make a few more one day, but then maybe not. Orton cone box now that's a challenge for sure, go for it.