Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Really Am a Glass-Half-Full Type of Gal

I'm not sure what the glass is half full of though. Perhaps it should be half full of prune juice to get things going around here. Or wine, but half a glass of wine is not nearly enough to excuse my lack of time-management skills. Any pictures accompanying this post should be of boxes: you know, the boxes that should have been shipped before now. Instead, here are the larger vases.

I had planned on hand-delivering my basket for the Carolina's Got Art! exhibit, but misread the delivery instructions until Saturday morning: no one available to accept work on Sunday. At least I didn't make the long drive to Charlotte to find this out. However, this did result in a quite expensive packing and shipping charge, and the box still didn't arrive on time.

Then, Michael Kline was going to deliver our pots for the Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story exhibit while he was in Seagrove this past weekend. Only he found himself in the middle of a firing cycle and cancelled the trip. No problem. I hadn't decided on which pieces to send. I still would have had to box everything up, and I don't have enough boxes or packing materials around the house.

So tomorrow, I head to the Post Office to procure some packing materials, no doubt paying a premium price for my failure to properly plan. Unless there is a shipping store around here. After needing $30 worth of packing peanuts and an $11 outer box (I had the inner box already), perhaps it's worth paying someone to do the whole thing. I don't ship often, and packing up those baskets makes me pretty nervous.
My poor planning was evident in the studio today as well. Not only had I run out of suitably soft clay, I drank a cup of caffeinated coffee which rendered me unable to throw anyway. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. sometimes life just gets in the way!
    Sorry your pots did not come sunday but can't wait to see them?
    Are you coming for the opening?

  2. Love the new forms!

    Staples/Office Depot usually has shipping materials cheaper than the PO, if you have one of those nearby. They usually also ship for you if you package it.

  3. I seem to have the same time management skills as you! My kiln needed to be fired twice this week and I just started it up for the first and I have to take my pots to Highlands tomorrow. Clay and Blogs pieces will have to wait until next week.....

  4. What beautiful and interesting shapes...I really like the lines of those lovely vases!

  5. Call me next time! I've got tons of packing supplies!
    And a good source if you'd like some of your own.