Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Did Have Some Pictures... go with this post. However, in a moment of distraction I inserted the SD card into the wrong slot in the computer. Now it is lost in there somewhere and with it, the pictures of my newest work. I suppose Jay can find time this weekend to take the darned thing apart to retrieve the card. And I suppose that I will pay closer attention to what I am doing from now on.

I am working at the Toe River Craft Shop in Celo tomorrow. And we'll see if both kids' schools can manage to get them on the correct bus to deliver them there after school. And, boy-oh-boy, we are going to Dollywood Saturday. Jay's company is providing the tickets and lunch. I think they do this every year. We were all set to go last year, and then I wrecked my van.

In other news, I had a piece accepted into TRAC Fall Celebration of the Arts 2009. The Opening Reception is October 10 at 7 pm. Hope to see you there.

So, you can look forward to seeing shots of some big-ass baskets next week. I haven't made large-scale work like this since college. I made three out of Brownstone for a cone 6 load, one of which I think is too big to fit into the Runt for bisquing. Not sure how I'll solve that problem yet. I made two others out of Zella Stone along with a dozen smaller, tray-like vessels. Next. I'll move on to some more wine bottle coasters. I really need to stock up.

I wish I knew what to call some of the things I make. I also wish I had a better answer for the folks who ask me what my pots are for. "I make them with no specific funtion in mind" is a pretty lame answer, but it's the truth. If I like a piece of pottery and can afford it, I often buy it. I rarely think about how I am going to use it. I just know that I want it around.

Fellow potters, what do you say when someone asks you what your pots are for?


  1. If you can get them down here I'll bisque them for you.

  2. Hey! Your link isn't working! I wanna see!

  3. I'm trying to change the link and it won't take. sorry