Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My emerging website

Not that I didn't have enough to do firing the Runt and getting ready for Bele Chere, I happened to run across Weebly at the foot of Sharon Sinclair's Energy-Shifter website. Sharon is a FB friend and the co-founder of America Creates, an online showcase for fine arts and crafts. Check out I have an online gallery there.

Anyway, as I discovered by following a link from her FB page, Sharon is also a Personal Life Coach. That in itself is interesting, but as I scrolled through the website, I noticed that the site was free through Weebly so I checked it out and started putting some stuff up. It's pretty user friendly. I was able to piece together what I have so far even with the kids running around asking me questions.

I expect to make progress during the coming weeks so keep checking back This pottery thing is getting pretty serious, isn't it?

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